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The small motel is a specialized collective means of placement with number of rooms not less than 5 and with a capacity up to 100 places in which the lodging for the night and various hotel services is provided for autotourists and the parking, maintenance and car repairs is provided.

1 Hotel service - activities of subjects of the hotel sphere for placement of tourists (guests) and granting for their request of the azlichny additional services provided by the main okument regulating activity of hotel.

1 The hotel product is a complex of the physical, social and emotional components necessary for satisfaction of needs of the guest during his accommodation in small hotel, motel, boarding house.

1 Quality of hotel and tourist service – set of properties of hotel and tourist services and processes of service in satisfaction of the caused or estimated needs of tourists.

1 Culture of service - the characteristic of conditions of service of tourists (guests) who are expressed in ethics of communication of the service personnel with consumers of services, comfort and esthetics of the environment of service.

Motels can be carried to separate types of small hotels (formation of the first network of motels will be defined by terms of reconstruction MKA and campings, and also placement of tourists in the leased inhabited sector of the city if this business is beyond private business activity.