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Geographical position. The state in the northeast of Africa and the southwest of Asia. In the east borders on Israel, in the south - on Sudan, in the West - on Libya. In the north it is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, in the east - the Red Sea. The area of the country is about 1001450 sq.km.

And if you want to visit Ancient Egypt, then surely visit "Faraonova the village". It is located on the small island in the Cairo area Giza. The role of "time machine" carries out a floating amphitheater here.

Less the tenth part of the territory of the country make agricultural grounds. It is the valley of the delta of Nile, some oases in the desert and lands along the Suez Canal. More than 90% of the territory occupy desert lands, among which Libyan Desert, part of the Sahara Desert and the Arabian (East) Desert.

Drinking water: In Egypt it is impossible to drink tap water, without having taken previously measures for its sterilization. Drinking water is on sale in the city. It is useful to take a boiler or the electric kettle from the house. Tension of an electric network and a form of the socket correspond European (as in LATVIA).

Flora and fauna. Practically all vegetation is concentrated in the delta of Nile, the Nile valley and oases. The most widespread tree - a date palm tree. Among other plants: sikomor,, acacia, cypress, mimosa, myrtaceous tree. The papyrus which was earlier growing in the majority of places remained only in the south now. Because of droughty climate of animals in Egypt it is a little.