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The Znachiteljny land areas opened by Spaniards and Portuguese were considered as ledges of the Southern continent. However these inhospitable coast did not promise fast enrichment and therefore further searches were for a long time stopped.

The silent map imprinted for descendants very much and very few names: cousin brothers officers Dmitry and Khariton Laptevy, navigators Chelyuskin, Dmitry Sterlegov, Stepan Malygin, Alexey Skuratov, lieutenant Dmitry Ovtsyn and Vasily Pronchishchev.

The history is quite often very unfair to the most worthy people, and it is reflected, in particular, in a map. The name of Dezhnev is immortalized (though with delay on more than two eyelids – in honor of it are called also the cape on Chukotka, and a glacier on one of the Arctic archipelagoes. And here the surname of the true head of sea campaigns of those days, unfortunately, did not appear on the card still.

Studied this extremely thin and unique layer of the planet Earth called by a geographical envelope earlier and the science geography studies now. Many hundreds of years were required to geographers to visit all its corners, will admire a variety of the parts composing it. But, having opened all continents and oceans, having applied on accurate maps even the smallest lakes and islands, scientists understood that they do not know practically anything about the device of this world.

Having rounded Van-Dimen's Earth from the South, Tasman made on it disembarkation and solemnly declared it possession of Holland. Sailors did not see locals, however notches steps in bark of high trees proved that the country is manned, and almost two-meter distance between the next steps frightened the sailors who decided that there live giants.

Under sails and on oars, on small sea vessels and ordinary rowing boats, on cervine and dogsleds, in the coastal waters hammered with ices and on desert tundra coast participants of expedition floated and walked, measured sea depths and distances on the district, looked for reliable waterways for the ships, determined astronomical coordinates of strong points, studied life and customs of radical inhabitants of those edges – small nationalities of the North.

Earth surface not always was such what we it imagine (for example, on the globe. Once all continents were integrated in one, and all oceans were united at one ocean. For many millions of years continents moved, traveled, met and dispersed, and now they move, move on Earth surface.

The geography gave mankind really imperial gift: she presented it the whole planet – Earth on which we live. On it the geography as science of openers and travelers, practically stopped the existence.