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the anaerobic biofilter intended for production of biogas from sewage of agricultural production and municipal services, the food and microbiological industry is developed.

The main source of renewable energy – the sun. Second-large – the World Ocean which is at the same time and the natural concentrator of solar energy. Forms of accumulation of energy at the ocean are various. Power sources of the ocean have resources, various on potential. Considerable power opportunities comprise: thermal energy of the ocean, current and wave, inflow, salinity differences, biomass.

Biogas with high efficiency can be transformed to other types of energy, thus the coefficient of its useful use as fuel on gas generators can make to 83%. Production of biogas in some countries already came to the forefront in power balance of production.

Thus, use of warmth of geothermal waters represents still certain complexity connected with considerable capital expenditure for drilling of wells and the return pumping the fulfilled water, creation of the corrosion-resistant heattechnical equipment. Therefore, the main directions a of geothermal energy on the near-term outlook will be: